StratScope focuses on geopolitical analysis and research. We conduct in-depth scrutiny of events which have profound implications for global affairs. offers a three dimensional view of developments in critical sectors, unweaving complex strands of information to present accurate and actionable brief to individuals and organisations. The areas are:

  • Politics
  • Governance
  • Security affairs
  • Economics
  • Science
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Technology

The vision of StratScope is to emerge as a reliable source of strategic intelligence, bringing together original and aggregated content from think tanks, government agencies, political pundits, economists, defence experts, journalists, academia, NGOs, technologists and corporates.

The portal seeks to foster intelligent debate and offer solutions by minutely examining the leading narratives of our times through authoritative and expert analyses, commentary and assessments.

StratScope believes in solid, balanced and uncompromising study of international relations with the ultimate objective of helping our subscribers see through the jargon and understand key trends behind the headlines.



StratScope‘s mission is to help the globally engaged analyse and anticipate challenges, opportunities, make better decisions and manage risk through information.

We also aim to encourage civic discourse on topics that will raise awareness about universal concerns and encourage active participation on these issues.



StratScope offers an impartial platform to research and propound innovative solutions designed to expose, assess and predict geopolitical developments.

With a goal of encouraging dialogue and discussion among people with broadly disparate world views, we are, committed to providing a respectful communication medium bereft of any political agenda or national bias.

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